Festival de Raindance

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Le festival de Raindance est un festival de cinéma indépendant créé en 1992 par Elliot Grove et une école de cinéma implantée dans plusieurs villes.

Le festival se déroule chaque année depuis 1992 et récompense principalement les films indépendants. Il est patronné par des personnalités comme Ewan McGregor sports water bottles, Terry Gilliam, Mike Figgis, Ken Loach et Marky Ramone football shirts online.

Elliot Grove est également le créateur des British Independent Film Awards.

L’école de Raindance est implantée à Londres, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Budapest, Berlin et Bruxelles. Elle compte parmi ses anciens élèves&nbsp stainless steel water bottle safety;: Sacha Baron Cohen, David Yates, Edgar Wright, Matthew Vaughn, Alison Owen, Guy Ritchie big water bottles, Ben Miller, Christopher Nolan, Kirk Jones, Mark Mahon, Emily Lloyd, Vadim Jean, Allin Kempthorne, Nick Hornby, Roland Gift, Julian Fellowes, Paul Brooks, Clive Bradley et Jeremy Bolt.

Sinan Erbil

Sinan Erbil (born 11 January 1965) is an Iraqi Turkmen singer. His latest album is the politally charged “Neden Ağlar Kerkük’üm?”, featuring Nuray Hafiftas along with a host of world class musicians ıncludıng Erdinç Şenyaylar.

Sinan Erbil was born in Erbil, Iraq. He is fluent in Iraqi Turkmen (“South Azeri” or “Iraqi Turkish”), Turkish (very closely related to Turkmen), Arabic and English. His father, was the owner of a popular coffee shop in Erbil. At the age of four Erbil began learning Turkish folk music from his mother. He would later go on to perform at his fathers Coffee shop whilst capturing the hearts of his father’s customers. Although his parents encouraged his passion for music, they also were mindful in restricting him from spending all his time on it.[citation needed]

In 1983, he received one year tutition from the Iran/Azerbaycan music academy. [clarification needed] As a result of political unrest, he later migrated to Turkey enlisting in a specialised bağlama (Turkish guitar) course & later on became involved in the Turkish music arts via Niğde. Later, he returned to Ankara and enlisted for another year in studying Turkish classical and folk music diabetic socks wholesale. In 1992 he performed in an Opera musical in Athens. In 1993 Sinan migrated to Sydney, Australia, where he became immediately involved with the Australian Turkmen &amp sale football shirts; Turkish Association. To further strengthen his musical abilities, he joined the Sydney Turkish Arts Academy. Whilst there stainless steel water bottle safety, he was taught by the world-renowned classical musician Sabahattin Akdağcık & starred in many performances that were put together by the academy which involved another well known classical musician, Kemal Toprak.[citation needed]